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    "Doujin Circle U-Dash" x "FunCity" cooperation series! A female teacher nicknamed "Iron Mask" by her students because of her diligence, was inspired by a crazy exhibitionist woman she happened to meet, and became addicted to nudity wander around the school, and become a prisoner of shame and joy. Includes all 9 scenes that will make your body ache! 01. Serious Ittetsu "Iron Mask" and "Crazy Lady Exposed" 02. Masturbation conflict in Sumire's room 03. Nude masturbation on the stairs of the school building 04. Provocative miniskirt panties during class learn! 05.Taking explicit nude photos on the rooftop 06.Posting selfies in the classroom... 07.Students discover SEX in physical education warehouse 08.Embarrassing bare back during volleyball match 09. Restrain the classroom covered in semen Forbearance!